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Roger Yiu
General Manager
(919) 877-1840

Nick Hsieh
General Sales Manager
(919) 433-8823

Nick joined the Johnson Lexus team in March of 2015. He was born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to the U.S. when he was eight years old. Nick grew up in North Carolina and graduated from NCSU in 2003. He now enjoys collecting and brewing craft beers.


Sales Department

Richard Amadin
Sales Manager
(919) 433-8822

Richard joined the Johnson Lexus Team in May 2016. A transplant from Texas, he loves sports of all kinds, cooking, and traveling the world when he goes on vacations. Richard was the #1 volume Sales Associate for Johnson Lexus of Raleigh in 2017!

David Marconi
Sales Manager
(919) 433-8816, Mobile: (919) 537-1985

David has been in the car business since 1990 and joined Johnson Lexus in 2015. A true car nut, he spends his free time collecting, buying and selling classic cars.

Tom Campbell
Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Devin McCullough
Internet Sales Manager
(919) 433-8873, Mobile: (919) 995-3414

Devin joined Johnson Lexus in 2017 and has worked in the car business since 2012. When not at work he can be found traveling with his wife or having dance parties with his three daughters. Devin was born in Oakland, CA from a military family. He attended NC State University.

Abdel Abou-Auf
Internet Sales Manager
(919) 433-8864, Mobile: (919) 200-9925

I speak Arabic! Abdel has been with Johnson Lexus since January 2016 and had worked in the automotive industry two years prior. Abdel is from Egypt and is one of five siblings. He has a B.A. in Fine Arts and a VFR pilot's license. During his free time (on the ground) he likes riding his motorcycle, playing soccer and going to the gym.

Mike Lacenere
Inventory Manager
(919) 433-8815

Mike has worked in the automotive industry since 2014. He joined Johnson Lexus July 2017. His passion is motorcycles - riding them, working on them, and allegedly going faster than Matt Spinak.

Abby Stancil
Sales Assistant
(919) 433-8828

Abby has been with Johnson Lexus since 2006. She graduated from ECU and loves watching Pirates football. Abby enjoys playing trivia with friends and spending time with her two dogs.

Bob Niemyski
Sales & Leasing Associate
(919) 433-8871, Mobile: (703) 655-7991

Bob has been with Johnson Lexus since 2008 and has over 31 years of automotive experience. He has been married to his wife for 43 years. Bob's hobbies include flying RC model airplanes.

Tim Carnes
Sales & Leasing Associate
(919) 433-8899, Mobile: (919) 632-8926

Timothy Carnes is a born and raised Chapel Hill native and avid Tarheel fan. He has excelled in in the auto sales industry for over 20 years, having first worked in hotel management. Timothy enjoys singing musical theatre, opera and classical works, as well as Karaoke with his family. He has three grown children and is delighting in his first granddaughter. Timothy is usually the #1 volume sales associate in the Johnson Automotive organization, most recently in 2017.

Ian Edgington
Sales & Leasing Associate

Originally from England, Ian moved to the United States 23 years ago and joined the automotive industry through Toyota in 1997. In 1999, he moved to the Triangle, where he continued his career with Toyota for nearly 20 years. In November 2018, he joined the Johnson Lexus team, which proved to be a natural fit for him. Ian is devoted to providing a professional buying experience with a primary focus on customer satisfaction. Most importantly, Ian prides himself on being a husband and father to two adult children, both of whom have successful careers.

Rick Singletary
Sales & Leasing Associate
(919) 433-8897, Mobile: (919) 434-8905

Rick joined Johnson Lexus in 2011 and has 17 years automotive experience. He is originally from Columbus, OH and moved to the Triangle in 2004. His hobbies include watching sports, live jazz, movies and plays. Rick is a member at White Rock Baptist Church in Durham and is the proud grandfather of three. He is a regular platelet donor at Red Cross.

Eddie Ruth
Sales & Leasing Associate

Patrick Kelley
Sales & Leasing Associate

Jonathan Foster
Sales & Leasing Associate
(919) 433-8877, Mobile: (252) 292-3607

Jonathan joined Johnson Lexus in 2016 and has been in the automotive industry since 2012. During his free time he enjoys boxing, basketball and playing with his sons. He has driven coast to coast in less than five days- twice.

Clay Callaway
Sales & Leasing Associate
(919) 433-8874, Mobile: (919) 880-3991

Clay has been with Johnson Lexus a total of eight years of his 34 years of automotive experience. He was born in Greenville, SC and attended UNC Greensboro. Clay enjoys cooking, playing drums and watching Clemson football.

Brett Huntley
Sales & Leasing Associate
(919) 433-8876, Mobile: (919) 749-8585

Brett joined Johnson Lexus in 2017. He enjoys listening to music, cooking, camping, spending time outside with his wife and dog and working with his hands.

Danny Feagans
Sales & Leasing Associate

Danny has been at Johnson Lexus since 2017 and had been in the car business since 2002. A huge foodie, Danny likes to seek out dives, higher-end, and food trucks! He will travel all over for a good meal! Even in his 30's he cannot get enough of theme parks and wants to travel to all of them in the U.S. and abroad. Finally, he enjoys learning and serving our guest. He looks forward to meeting you!

Arthur Wright
Sales & Leasing Associate

Jeffrey Lyons
Sales & Leasing Associate

I'm a PSU grad who moved to NC in 2001.  After 18 years in the restaurant business, I've decided to change careers to allow for more time with my family.  I enjoy hiking, camping, and spending time with my family and dogs.

Eryk Rippenhagen
Sales & Leasing Associate

Eryk joined Johnson Lexus in May 2018 with 10 years of car industry experience. He enjoys to Kayak, Hike, Fly Drones, photography investments, play golf, watch sports, and spend time with his pup, "Bronco".

Brandon Bennett
Sales & Leasing Associate
(330) 957-6944

Christopher Brust
Sales & Leasing Associate

Daniel Bottinelli
Sales & Leasing Associate

Corey Martin
Sales & Leasing Associate

Josh Richardson
Lot Attendant
(919) 756-4272

Josh joined the Johnson Lexus team in December of 2018. His hobbies include playing various instruments and genres of music, oftentimes at his church in Durham. He also enjoys nutrition, working out, and traveling the world.

Anna Moseley

Mary Henson


Finance Department

David Chang
Business Director

David has been in the automobile industry since 1998. In his spare time, he enjoys college and pro football as well as college basketball. David is a huge fan of the Duke Blue Devils and Baltimore Ravens.

Ed Hines
Finance Director

Ed joined Johnson Lexus in 2013. He is originally from Greenville, NC and currently resides in Cary, NC. Ed is married to his beautiful wife Keli and has three wonderful children and loves spending time with them in his free time.

Simon Lunt
Finance & Insurance Manager
(919) 433-8821

Simon has been with Johnson Lexus since 2007 and has over 24 years of automotive industry experience. Originally from Liverpool, England, Simon has circumnavigated the globe twice. He is currently active in his neighborhood community and also enjoys cycling, playing trivia, collecting coins and antique militaria.

Kendell Monroe
Finance & Insurance Manager

Mostafa Ahmed Abou-Auf
Finance & Insurance Manager
(919) 433-8827

Jason Bruzzichesi
Finance & Insurance Manager


Lexus Delivery Specialists

Stephen Parson
Lexus Delivery Specialist
(919) 433-8831

Stephen has been with Johnson Lexus since 2014. His hobbies include drawing and painting and he enjoys watching sports. Stephen volunteers with Dream Center in Burlington, NC and is known for making a "killer" hamburger.

Mac Lewis
Lexus Delivery Specialist
(919) 433-8831

Mac joined Johnson Lexus in 2015. He enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, and enjoying time with his family.

Jamie Perry
Lexus Delivery Specialist
(919) 433-8831

Jamie joined Johnson Lexus in 2017. She enjoys reading, streaming music, collecting cigar boxes and photography as well as volunteering at church. A fun fact about Jamie is that she has never broken a bone.

Di'Ondre Smith
Lexus Delivery Specialist


Lexus Technology Specialist

Matt Spinak
Technology and Delivery Manager
(919) 433-8829

Matt has been with Johnson Lexus since 2008. When not at work Matt races motorcycles. He also plays the drums and is known for his freestyle beatboxing.


Service Department

Candice R. Ramos
Service Manager
(919) 433-8841, Mobile: (919) 669-6323

Candice is from Alexandria, VA and joined Johnson Lexus in 1992 after graduating from East Carolina University with a Marketing Management degree. She has worked at both Johnson Lexus locations during her tenure here. She loves spending time with her family and friends and traveling the world.

Kevin Boyd
Assistant Service Manager
(919) 433-8850, Mobile: (919) 559-7749

Kevin joined Johnson Lexus in February 2012 after a long career in the newspaper industry. Kevin has volunteered for The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Committee Chair (P.R. and Logistics and One Mile Fun Run) as well as serving on the Executive Race Committee. Growing up in North Carolina and Indianapolis, Indiana, Kevin became a huge race fan, attending dozens of races including 26 Indianapolis 500s. In his free time Kevin and his wife tend to an expansive garden and work on their 1950's ranch home.

Max Robertson
Assistant Service Manager
(919) 433-8836

Max joined Johnson Lexus in April 2009 and has gained experience in multiple roles around the dealership, including Master Technician and his current role as Internal Service Advisor. Born and raised in Durham, Max is an avid Duke fan, much to the dismay of his UNC alum wife, Kelsey. When not at home with his rescued Shepherd mix (Duke) and cats (Caroline and Finn), Max enjoys camping and spending time with friends.

James Glen
Loaner Car Manager

Jim joined Johnson Lexus in 2011. He is originally from Bethlehem, PA. Jim is an Army veteran and has worked with computer support and banking companies. He likes many outdoor activities and enjoys baking for his friends and family.

Susan Sumner
Service Drive Manager

Sandie McGannn
Warranty Administrator
(919) 433-8849

Sandie joined Johnson Lexus in 2006 and is Master Certified. She has been living in North Carolina for 19 years. Originally from Michigan, she also lived in upstate New York for five years. She enjoys keeping up with her young daughter and spending time with her husband. Her famous meatballs are requested at each company luncheon!

Ron Kerr
Service Consultant
(919) 433-8855

Ron is a Durham native. He attended Hillside High School and Methodist college. He has been in the automotive industry for over 30 years. He has been with Johnson Automotive since 2005. He is married to Elizabeth Pearce from Biloxi Mississippi. Together they have taken care of their parents. Ron loves the outdoors and takes advantage of it when possible.

Rene Cardoso
Service Consultant
(919) 433-8852, Mobile: (919) 533-7363

Yo hablo español. Rene joined Johnson Lexus of Durham in February 2007. Prior to 2007 he worked for a Lexus dealer in Miami since 1993. Rene has been a Lexus Master Certified Service Consultant Since 2001. On his days off he likes to spend time with his wife and three daughters

Michael Stevens
Service Consultant
(919) 433-8853, Mobile: (919) 261-0362

Michael joined Johnson Lexus in August of 2015 after traveling across the country from his previous home in Las Vegas. Originally from NY, Michael has spent his 20+ year career in the automotive industry. He came to us as a master certified service advisor and continues to strive for maximum awareness of our car line. In his spare time you can find him listening to heavy metal music either in his Lexus or at a concert. Make sure you check out the candy on his desk!

Brenda Lacy
Service Consultant

Brenda has been with the Johnson Lexus Automotive Group since June 27th, 2011. She is from Texas and lived in California for 14 years before moving to North Carolina in 2001. Brenda likes to keep active doing anything outdoors and traveling. Being from Texas, she is still a True Blue Cowboy fan and as well a Texas Longhorn Fan even though her daughters are NCSU Graduates.

Kevin Miles
Service Consultant
(919) 433-8854, Mobile: (919) 885-4751

Kevin joined Johnson Lexus in 2004. He has been in the automotive industry since 1994. Kevin spends his spare time on the farm where he lives with his family and friends.

Rudy Padilla
Service Consultant
(919) 433-8851, Mobile: (919) 213-0779

Yo hablo español. Rudy joined Johnson Lexus 19 years ago. He enjoys outdoor activities such as rock climbing, backpacking, mountain biking and photography. Rudy attended Yucatan University and was once the Tae Kwon Do Champion of Mexico. He spends some of his free time volunteering at the Food Bank

Quintin Bellamy
Service Consultant

Matt King
Service Consultant

Nick Webster
Service Consultant

Linda Wagers
Service Representative
(919) 433-6059

Linda joined Johnson Lexus in 2001. She is an Appalachian State University graduate and enjoys attending football games. Her other favorite things to do include family time, running and following the Carolina Hurricanes.

Amber Harris
Service Follow-Up
(919) 433-8844

Amber joined Johnson Lexus February 2017. She attended Mount Olive College. In her free time, Amber enjoys traveling, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

Tonya Lee
Service Appointment Coordinator
(919) 443-8838

Tonya joined Johnson Lexus in July of 2014. She is originally from Missouri went to Central Missouri State University. She loves spending time with her two rescue dogs Claudia Giroux and Gostisbehere (Ghost).

Evelyn Wilkinson
Service Appointment Coordinator

Evelyn joined Johnson Lexus in 2016. She is originally from Maryland and attended NHL Institute of Maryland. She is passionate about health and wellness and inspiring others to leave a living legacy.

Jesse Law
Service Appointment Coordinator
(919) 443-8837

Jesse joined Johnson Lexus in February 2017. He is an avid reader and enjoys running and baking.

Terry Watson
Diagnostic Specialist

Terry joined Johnson Lexus in 1999. He is originally from Durham, NC. Terry started with Toyota in 1984. He enjoys camping, antique boats, motorcycles and flying RC airplanes.

Ron Cooke
Master Technician - Assistant Diagnostic Specialist
(919) 433-8956

Ron joined Johnson Lexus in 2004, beginning at the Lexus dealership and moving to the Durham location in 2005. He is originally from Bath, NC. Ron graduated from Western Technical Institute in El Paso, TX after a tour in the Army. His two passions are his family and craft beer.

Eric Colvin

Eric joined Johnson Lexus in February 2010. He graduated Liberal High School in 1998 and loves classic cars, camping and travel.

Kevin Woods

Kevin joined Johnson Lexus of Durham August 2016. He has been in the automotive industry since 1998. Kevin graduated from Wayne Community College. He enjoys spending time with his family and tinkering with his hot rod.

Marcus Bowser

Marcus joined Johnson Lexus in 2014. Hailing from Roanoke Rapids, this NC born gentleman pursued his passion and thirst for knowledge of the automotive industry through the tutelage of Durham Tech's Automotive Technology Program. Coupled with 17 years experience in the auto repair field, this makes Marcus one of many valuable members of our team. He enjoys outdoor activities, motorsports and the melodious sounds of Daniel Jang.

Cory Wagoner

Cory joined Johnson Lexus in 2013 and is a Lexus Master Certified Technician. He is from Wake Forest, NC and graduated from Universal Technical Institute in Charlotte, NC. Cory is also a professional wedding photographer.

Saul Figueroa

Saul joined Johnson Lexus in 2013. He is originally from Mexico and graduated from Alamance Community College. Saul spends his spare time playing soccer, spending quality time with family and always learning something new. He also likes helping others when he can.

Todd Dickerson

Todd was born and raised in NC. He has been in the automotive industry for 27 years and with Lexus for ten. He enjoys riding motorcycles and anything fast. Classic cars and hot rods are his main hobbies. Todd's motto is "everything is better with a smile".

Bobby Nisbett

Bobby joined Johnson Lexus March 2016. He is originally from Prince Georges County, Maryland. Bobby served four years in the USAF. he enjoys fishing and hanging out with his dog, Jake.

Jonathan Almante

Jonathan joined Johnson Lexus August 2017 with four years of Toyota experience. He is a graduate of Durham Technical College. Jonathan is eager to learn, always up for new challenges and is exciting about the opportunity to serve the guests of Johnson Automotive.

Adrian Popescu

Adrian started his career in the automotive industry in 1988 in his native country of Romania and joined Johnson Lexus in 2013. He has previous Lexus experience since 2005. Adrian is ASE certified in 16 categories including Advance Level Engine Performance, Diesel Engine Diagnostics and Hybrid/Electric Vehicles. He is a graduate of the University of Pitesti with an Engineering degree in Automotive Technology and from Tri-C Cleveland with an AASD in Automotive. He likes F1 Racing, gardening, outdoor activities and friends' company.

Harley Sawyer

Harley joined Johnson Lexus in 2017. A Durham native, you can find him riding his motorcycle when not at work.

Don Inscoe

Don joined Johnson Lexus July 2017. He has been in the automotive industry since 1976 and was with Toyota for 20 years. Don and his wife reside in Durham. He enjoys spending time with his Labrador Bailey as well as boating and fishing.

Phillip Jeffers

Philip joined Johnson Lexus June 2008. He graduated from Nascar Technical Institute in 2008. He is an ASE Advanced Level and Lexus Master Certified Technician. He loves to spend time with his wife Rhonda and their four children. Philip volunteers at Revolve Church in Durham where he and his family attend.

Patrick Cosgrove

Patrick joined Johnson Lexus in 2016 after moving to Raleigh from Savannah, GA. He has worked on Lexus vehicles for four years. Patrick is happily married and a loving father of twin boys. He is an avid reader and passionate fan of heavy metal. Patrick makes the absolute best latkes while listening to Fiddler on the Roof.

Brian Walsworth

Brian was raised in Clemmons, NC, he started his automotive career at 11 at his dads service station. He joined Johnson Lexus in 2007 and has worked on many brands including Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini. He is married to his best friend and has 4 kids and 2 grandkids. He has been involved with coaching baseball and soccer and is on the board of Directors at his church. He enjoys traveling, home projects, Muscle cars and spending time with his family. His favorite Lexus Is the LS 430 and the GS-F. 

Roc Goss

Airroc Goss also known by Roc. He was born and raised in NC and is happily married with two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. He also has two rescue dogs named Dakota and Daisy. In his spare time he is a competitive bass angler.

Vince Smith

Vince started his automotive career at Ivy Tech in Indiana earning an Associate's degree in Automotive Technology. After moving to North Carolina in 2018 with his wife, Lauren, he joined Johnson Lexus the same year and achieved Senior Certified Technician status in 2019. In his free time, Vince enjoys riding his bike and flying his RC planes. 

Matt Zahuranec

Scott Carey
Detail Manager

Jorge Dimas

"Jorge joined the Johnson Lexus team in December of 2018. He attended Alamance Community College and graduated with an Associates Degree in Automotive Systems Technology. He was born in Michoacan, Mexico and raised in Graham, North Carolina. Jorge enjoys spending time with his fiancé, family, and friends outside of work."

Julian Gomez

Julian Gomez was born in Tallahassee, Florida, but spent most of his life in North Carolina. After high school, he went to job core to study for a career in the automotive industry. After graduating the program at job core and working at Toyota for a few years, he was blessed with the opportunity to work for Lexus. In his spare time he enjoys being physically active by playing soccer, dancing, and working out. Oh, and of course spending time with one of my best, if not only, cat friend, Luke. 

John Pruitt

John has 27 years experience with Toyota as a Master Diagnostic Technician. He switched to the Lexus brand in 2016 and is a Lexus Certified Master Technician. John loves spending time with his family and friends. His main hobbies include racing and gardening.

William Knight

Will Knight joined Johnson Lexus in 2019.  He is from Richmond, Va and graduated from James Madison University.  He is married and has two children.  He enjoys motorsports, particularly NASCAR.  He collects aftermarket car parts from Japanese tuning shops.

Alejandro Meraz

Ceon Winborne


Parts Department

Bill Upton
Parts Manager
(919) 433-8909

Bill joined Johnson Lexus in 1997 and has served several roles in the Parts Department's at both the Raleigh and Durham location. Originally from FL, Bill moved to NC after serving in the US Army. While away from the store, he enjoys travelling and spending time with his 3 lovely granddaughters. An animal lover, Bill and his wife have 3 dogs that they enjoy spoiling.

Gary Delgrande
Parts Countersperson
(919) 433-8905

Gary joined Johnson Lexus September of 2003. He is a Lexus Master Certified Parts Counterman and owns two Lexus cars - an IS convertible and an IS 350 F-sport. Gary likes to ride his bike on the Neuse river trail and is a great cook.

Mark Crawford
Parts Counterperson
(919) 433-8903

Mark has been in the parts business for 39 years. He has been with Johnson Lexus since 2004. While away from work, Mark enjoys watching college sports.

Jimmy Hodges
Parts Counterperson

Jimmy Hodges has been in the parts business for 26 years and joined Johnson Lexus in 2017. While not at work, Jimmy has served for 15 years as a Lieutenant with the Haw River volunteer fire department.

Brian Francis
Parts Counterperson